The gift really does matter!! It’s a proven fact that the gift is the main deciding factor in which of the many magazines parents chose to buy their child so it’s really fundamental for us to be able to capture the imagination of a young child and meet the approval of the parent. Even as an adult, faced with an array of similar magazines, the one with the best gift will usually prevail. The collectible Partworks is even more challenging because the aim is to keep the consumer engaged for up to 50-60 issues of purchase.

We work on covermounts for children as young as 18 months up to 16 years old – and then also for adults, covering both male and female sectors. We really enjoy working with toys and thinking about that next gadget or next fashion accessory or craft trend.

But there is also a seriousness that we need to make sure everything is safe for children and passes safety regulations, not to mention the strict ethical standards we follow for the factories we work with. But it’s also incredibly challenging because we need to find gifts that will be appealing for the age group its intended for – who are incredibly fickle! But also particularly in the case of girls and teen magazines – something that is going to be on trend and fashionable in five – six months’ time when it hits the shelves. With fairly tight budgets to work to and the need to reflect the quality and reputation of the brand – its challenging but incredibly fulfilling and keeps us on our toes